You're here for a reason.

It's time to transform your inner experience from self-doubt to self-confidence.

Learn how to take purposeful action and stop living in avoidance.

Discover how to speak up and make an impact on the world without burning out.

Meet your mentor:
Meredith Marin

Hi, I'm Meredith! I'm a mindfulness coach and entrepreneur with a master's in social work. I specialize in helping vegans lead with confidence, live with purpose, and make an impact on the world. 

Choosing to live a vegan lifestyle is the easy part; Navigating the world through a vegan lens is the challenge. You see cruelty that others aren't concerned with, you fear the consequences of our impact on the environment, and you want to do something about it — but what exactly can you do? 

I know what it feels like to be in that place, wishing you had vegan friends and family, craving more time to spend working toward a vegan world, wondering what you could do that would actually make a difference. I can tell you now that I've coached vegans all over the world, that one person can make an EXTRAORDINARY impact. It's my deepest desire to help vegans step into their power as leaders so that together we can create a future worth living for.


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You're not alone.

After helping thousands of vegans through my online content and intensively coaching vegans from all over the world toward their personal development and entrepreneurship goals, I realized they all shared the same struggle. There was something holding them back from taking action toward the meaningful life they craved — whether that was starting their vegan business, speaking openly to friends and family about their vegan lifestyle, quitting their day job to pursue their passion, or committing fully to a vegan lifestyle after living in transition for years.

They were operating from a self-talk script written by years of being misunderstood. They were taught to doubt themselves, having grown up in a family or in a society that couldn't fully see them for who they were, and because of this, they were struggling to find the confidence to take action toward the life they really wanted to be living.

They had the passion to change their lives and to help others, but were missing the structure — a framework for HOW to actually make the changes they wanted. They wanted support, but didn’t know who to ask for help or how to ask for it. They needed to build the confidence to speak up and the clarity to share their message with ease. On top of this, limiting beliefs about their worthiness and capabilities were holding them back from taking confident action toward what they really wanted to manifest in their lives and in the world. 

The great news? Things turned around for them. Once they released the script others had laid out for them, they discovered the confidence and self-worth they deserved to be operating from. For some, this led to a clearer direction in their work life. For others, this meant they finally felt confident building supportive social systems and letting go of unhealthy relationships. With a clearer intention, motivation and productivity skills, their day to day lives became more manageable, peaceful and fun. They stopped letting their worries about what other people might think of them rule their day, stepped out of their comfort zones, and started to own their role as a leader in creating a more compassionate, sustainable world.

And now, I’m here to help you do the same.


A 12 week course designed for vegans who want to live with peace and purpose while holding hope for a better world.


You can make an impact.

Vegan Leadership Accelerator (VLA) was designed to bring you leadership in your own life first, before you move toward helping others. This course will help you overcome limiting beliefsreduce your anxiety, and build confidence and leadership skills as a vegan so you can create more opportunities to make an impact on the world.

When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, remind yourself that the problems are not yours alone to fix, that we are in this together.

If you sign up for VLA, each week you’ll receive a new course module that will provide you with an experiential, results-focused lesson.

This isn’t the type of course you’ll watch and implement later. You’ll be adding tools to your “toolbox” each week and start noticing transformation in your mindset and daily life right away.

"Before working with Meredith, I was missing a lot of hope and confidence in myself. After being vegan for more than 2 years I started to lose hope in humanity and the idea that I could make a change. Honestly, I was ready to just live in my little vegan bubble and stop wasting my energy and time on trying to make changes to society. Now I feel reignited in my desire to create change. Meredith's program helped me break through my limitations, taught me to utilize social media to my advantage, and guided me through reevaluating my mission and goals in life to make time for what's important."

Mikayla M.

Does this sound like you? 

  • You haven't experienced a safe way to put yourself out there yet. You want to step out of your comfort zone and do things differently this time but it feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to start .
  • You worry about what other people think of you and this discomfort is amplified because the people around you don't seem to care about the world, and don't seem to understand why you care so much.
  • You’re feeling stuck and unsure of where to turn for support.
  • You want to live a life of purpose and meaning, but the day to day grind of "hustle culture", bearing witness to the systemic oppression of humans and non-human animals, and the exhaustion of compassion fatigue have left you feeling less motivated lately. (Totally understandable, by the way!)
  • You want to get to a place where you can express your authentic self without holding back, feeling guilty about it, or hearing "you're so judgmental!" You want to stop feeling like your life is one big debate you have to win.

Imagine if...

  • You could overcome your fear of rejection and failure and stop missing out on opportunities you're passionate about
  • You became clearer on your goals, direction and purpose and that nagging "lost" feeling went away 
  • You felt confident, prepared and supported on your journey as a conscious vegan in this beautiful, messy world


"I've gained the confidence to share my knowledge and thoughts and I am no longer afraid to share my opinion in a compassionate way. One of my biggest learnings was that I am so much more capable that I thought I was. I now have a better understanding about my limiting beliefs and can work towards removing them. I'm very proud of myself for getting out of my comfort zone to start conversations I was afraid to start before. It feels great that people now say I inspire them."

Hella M.

The mindfulness-based framework of this course is designed to support you in cultivating self-understanding and self-compassion, and to help you create a clear path to work toward meaningful goals. 

If you’re relating to this so far, then you'll want to hear about the VLA Blueprint. These are the step-by-step course modules designed to facilitate your transformation.

The Vegan Leadership Accelerator Blueprint


MODULE 1: Create and Deepen Your Life-Changing Mindfulness Practice

Learn to consistently bring yourself into present moment awareness. Understand how to better cope with your anxiety, manage unpleasant emotions, and reduce racing thoughts. Consider Week 1 as your foundation. Mindfulness principles and practices will be integrated throughout the entire program.

MODULE 2: Build Confidence and Overcome Limiting Beliefs 

Did you know that we all have core beliefs that drive our daily actions? In this module you'll be guided through an audit of your core beliefs to understand how your current mindset influences your reality. You'll learn to confront these beliefs so you can begin to form an intentional worldview, rather than one you inherited from your parents or past experiences. This is where you'll learn the method to identify, work through, and overcome limiting beliefs and fears so you can confidently take action in your life. It's time for you to start attracting the things you want more of in your life, and release the rest.

MODULE 3: Learn How to Motivate Yourself and Envision your Future

You deserve to create a life that allows you to wake up every morning knowing what drives you toward action. What is motivating you and how do you harness that motivation when you need it most? You'll be guided through a process to write your own mission statement and learn what really stimulates motivation so you can stop letting lack of motivation hold you back. Next, you will evaluate your previous failures through a new lens to overcome self-doubt and self-blame and get clear on your new direction. Envisioning exercises will help you strengthen your ability to focus on what you want your life to look like and what you want the world to look like. Learn the tools to imagine so you can make it happen.

Tools & Templates: Mindfulness Practice & Plan, Core Belief Audit, Reframing Failure Exercise, Journal Prompts 



MODULE 4: Develop Your Action Plan, Get Organized, and Manage Your Time Efficiently

Take your vision and mission and turn it into a plan of action. How would you like to experience this stage in your life? What are your desires for yourself and for how you want to contribute to the world? Explore the difference between your mission, goals, projects and action steps. Learn to differentiate which goals fit into your long term plan and how to set short term goals that you can accomplish right away. Gain the practical skills to get stuff done so you can confidently make progress toward your goals without doubting your path or giving up. 

MODULE 5: Incorporate Routines and Rituals into Your Life

Discover how to incorporate your new mindset shifts, mindfulness practice, and goals into your daily routine. There's no one-size-fits all here. You'll learn how to be your own self care guru and create rituals and habits to go deeper into the work you have chosen for yourself. You’ll be introduced to a mindful framework for progress tracking that will allow you to track your progress, internal resistance, and external obstacles without self-judgment. 

Tools & Templates: Life Action Plan Blueprint, Thought Tracking Audit, Time Management and Productivity Strategies, Mindful Progress Tracking Template



MODULE 6: Craft Your Activism Speech & Speak Your Mind with Ease 

Always wanted to speak up for the animals but not sure what you would say? Did going vegan change your health or your life and you wish you could share that story with others? In order to help people and liberate animals, you must use your voice and allow people to connect with your story. In this module you’ll uncover and move through any emotional blocks or limiting beliefs that are stopping you from speaking up. You’ll be guided through a professional public speaking template to craft an influential story that you can share via social media and at live events.

MODULE 7: Use Social Media for Community Building, Activism and Entrepreneurship

Learn how to use social media as a tool to effectively raise awareness for animal rights, promote the vegan lifestyle, or sell a vegan product or service. Craft your message, map your content, and learn the technical side of using instagram effectively to share information. Gain the tools for relationship building on social media to not only grow your following but create a meaningful experience you’ll want to log into.

MODULE 8: Build Your Support Network & Navigate Relationships with Non-Vegans

Learn to identify your support system and to clearly communicate your needs so that you can receive the support you deserve. Receive guidance in setting boundaries, practice effective communication and conflict resolution strategies, and understand how to enjoy intimacy and connection with family and romantic partners despite ideological and lifestyle differences. In this module you will also learn how to confidently respond to the most common questions and objections to veganism.

MODULE 9: Become a Conscious Leader 

In this module you will explore your role as a conscious leader to create inclusive community change. What does it mean to ally with victims of oppression? If we want to stand on the “right” side of history we need to do more than take animals off our plate. When we also open our hearts to humans who are suffering from discrimination in our society, what kind of work needs to be done internally so that we can act to make the world more equitable for all people? This module will explore power and privilege in our society, unpacking your own privilege and addressing complex identities. You’ll learn to lead with love and work toward overcoming the ego-driven fear of saying the “wrong thing” to promote an inclusive world for all races, genders, sexual orientations, and differing abilities. 


MODULE 10: Create Social Change & Make Money Doing What You Love

Learn social change strategies and determine where your talents and interests allow you to contribute to the movement toward a more sustainable, healthier, peaceful world. Want to start a business or a side project? What are the secrets to success as an entrepreneur? What other options are there for values-aligned work? Maybe you’ve got tons of ideas and aren’t sure how to focus or monetize them. This week will help you gain clarity on how to put your ideas into action. 

Tools & Templates: Powerful Public Speaking Template, Vegan Objections Q&A Cheat Sheet, Boundary Setting Worksheet, Blueprint to Identify and Activate Your Network, Social Media Content Mapping Template


Click below to purchase the course if you're able to and ready to start today. A payment plan as well as a scholarship option is available.

"Through working with Meredith I have found my purpose and I'm finally on the right path. The world is transitioning and we're pioneers leading the way."

Gina D.

"Meredith is a great motivator and she is non-judgmental, so I feel like I can be myself. Her coaching calls gave me all the answers I needed and helped me clarify my vision. She helped me start my own vegan business so I can change the world and at the same time do something that makes me passionate in creating something for myself."

Rose D.

"I've had many other coaches but Meredith is the first coach who helped me get clear on exactly what steps I needed to take to move past previous failures, overcome beliefs that were holding me back, and start my vegan business."

Anna P.

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